Shamanic Programs

Joining a shamanic program is stepping into full trust on your journey of self discovery, healing and growth. Shamanic knowledge vibrates in the bones and pulls the ancient strings of truth in the soul. Come and join to walk in beauty.

Natural Mastery – 5-months Shamanic Mentoring

In a recent conversation with my Dad, while helping my 5-year-old niece with basic calculations, he observed us and said “Why didn’t you become a teacher? I replied “Dädi, I am a teacher, not at elementary school, but of the shamanic way of life.”
As a mountain girl I always dreamt of;

  • Nature being my classroom
  • Visiting sacred sites
  • Being touched by the elements
  • Doing rituals and ceremonies witnessed by the sun and the moon
  • Breathing fresh air while cleansing and purifying
  • Feeling real and alive, alive, alive
  • Being witnessed by the spirit of nature, while remembering who I am

“This 5-month mentorship is founded in the shamanic principles and a meeting and mirroring between you and mama earth as your teacher of self-mastery”.

Certificate in Shamanism and Traditional Healing – a shamanic apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship in Shamanism is the first part of the nationally accredited Diploma in Shamanism and Traditional Healing.

This experiential course is taught by Vicki Dean, one of the leading shamanic teachers in Australia and teacher in training Rowena. Returning to nature as your teacher, healer and guide.

“At this unique time on the planet this apprenticeship offers earth and traditional based ways of knowing to dream the world into being, personally and collectively”.


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