Quests & Journeys

Joining a shamanic program is stepping into full trust on your journey of self discovery, healing and growth. Shamanic knowledge vibrates in the bones and pulls the ancient strings of truth in the soul. Come and join to walk in beauty.

Desert Vision Quest
A Self-Healing, Earth-Healing experience
on the deepest level

The Vision Quest is a commitment to yourself and your unique expression of Self-love and Self-appreciation. This journey of the heart leads you to meet your innermost and birthing your sacredness into this world.

Healing Journey to Peru
One Step Love, One Step Courage
Dates for 2021 to be advised

A life changing, authentic and deep healing experience in the Peruvian jungle with local healer and medicine man Jorge Flores Araoz Legrand. He opens his private property Luna y Monte for private healing retreats of the deepest level.

“At this unique time on the planet this apprenticeship offers earth and traditional based ways of knowing to dream the world into being, personally and collectively”.


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