Natural Mastery

This 5-month mentorship is founded in the shamanic principles and a meeting and mirroring between you and mama earth as your teacher of self-mastery.

Natural Mastery – 5-months Shamanic Mentoring
COMMENCES 13th June 2021

Gathering my many years of experience as a student, practitioner and teacher of the Shamanic Path, I am delighted to share with you my valuable experience knowledge and tools.   

I can’t wait to introduce you to one of my greatest and ancient allies. A place full of wisdom, generosity and healing, a profoundly touching landscape. I LOVE NATURE and its teachings, and this is exactly what this mentorship is all about.

This shamanic mentorship encapsulates my profoundest healing experiences and I am so delighted to share what has completely rewritten my life story with you. 

What you will experience and receive in the 5-months mentorship

  • Shamanic teachings and healing journeys
  • Personal workbook and journal
  • 3 full day excursions to sacred sites
  • 1 evening / night excursion to a sacred site
  • 5 profoundly transformative rituals
  • 1 shamanic purification ceremony
  • 1 Fire and 1 water ceremony
  • 2 private online session
  • 6 group zoom session

Plus ..

  • Private WhatsApp group – this is super valuable and priceless as you can pick my brain as much as you like  
  •  Wonderment Essence in module 3
  • 50% discount for one -one-healing sessions over the 5 months

Sometimes showing up is enough 

We are going to enter a real, deep and transformative journey together to reclaim yourself as a sentient being.

Come, join and meet with mama earth to live life courageously, passionately and empowered.

With love,

“Doesn’t that sound awesome? I am over the moon to announce the reality of my dream and for you to join me from autumn to spring to walk the Shamanic Path together.”


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