Desert Vision Quest

A Self-Healing, Earth-Healing experience on the deepest level

Desert Vision Quest

Solitude and fasting in the “wilderness” is an ancient sacred ceremony used in many traditions. It is a sacred initiation path and right of passage to conjure or calling up on the Great Mystery for guidance, healing, shedding and praying for a new way of life. Its a journey into the unknown towards trust and regaining your heart-body- wisdom. A returning home to your birthright. On the vision quest you are entering and honouring the sacred dimension of life and to pay attention to all .

The breath
The sound of the heartbeat
The very detail of creation
The quiet voice inside that seldom gets heard or heeded.

The expanse of nature, surrounded by the sacred mountains allows you to move from separation to participation in the Sacred Hoop. The Vision Quest is a commitment to yourself and your unique expression of Self-love and Self-appreciation. This journey of the heart leads you to meet your innermost and birthing your sacredness into this world. The majestic Flinders Ranges provide the untainted scenery for you to explore your inner landscapes. Nature, a reflection of you is your healer and teacher on this journey. Mother Earth holding and watched over by the millions of stars of Father Sky, you are (re) weaving your mythological story into the web of life and the tapestry of your being. On the Vision Quest you can find your own edge, explore it safely and integrate it through sacred ceremonies, so the new vision and gifts are available and present after you re-enter the everyday world.

With love,


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