Certificate in Shamanism & Traditional Healing

Open and deepen your relationship to the sacred, attuning your being to the song of land and spirit

Apprenticeship in Shamanism

Throughout the apprenticeship you will travel, connect and develop your relationship, with the four archetypal paths and directions of the Circalore Wheel.

In the East- unearth your vision and bring it into the world with the clarity and insight of the Visionary.
In the North- meet your challenges with the courage and integrity of the Warrior
In the West- heal what needs to be healed for yourself, your community and the earth, with the compassion of the Healer
In the South- know your unique gifts and birth these into the world, accessing the inner wisdom of the Sage

In your lifetime you circle around these four archetypal paths, and they around you. Over the 7-month residential journey of 5 modules and 4 tutorials you will explore:

Shamanic Journeying – entering altered states of consciousness to journey into other realms to access vision, courage, healing and wisdom
Divination – looking deeper into the unseen to evoke vision for self, community and the earth
Ritual – skills to make informed decisions and evoke healing and change
Dream Wisdom – being guided from the sleep world
Chakra Healing – realigning, connecting and balancing your unique relationship to your chakra system
Trance Dance – movement as medicine
Sacred Art – integrating your journeys into this world through creativity

After 10 years of the course being held at Wiseman’s Ferry it is now being taught throughout Australia.

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