About me

Hello, my name is Gabriela Ming. Thank you for coming to my page.

At the heart of all things, nature is the one thing that has always made sense to me.

I am a modern-day medicine woman, earth-based counsellor, shamanic practitioner, teacher and vision quest facilitator.

“I was born on a dairy farm amid the beauty of the Swiss Alps. My grandfather was a dowser whose expertise laid in finding water. My mother inherited his gift and specialised in finding lost animals and objects”.

My Cocoon

When I was 4 years old, my sister passed away. My family entered into a state of soul loss. This experience got buried deep within the shadows of my psyche and forgotten. Throughout my teens, it tried to re-emerge. I dealt with it like any teenager would, including writing poems trying to grasp the depth of my darkness, which I referred to as the universal sense of loss.

In my desire of being in service and as an unconscious attempt in restoring inner wholeness, I trained as, what you could refer to in Australia, a practical nurse. I learnt very early on that a person’s emotional health and spirituality enhance the physical recovery process.

In my early twenties, I experienced snowboarding and car accidents. During this time, I touched something quite magnificent within – an animated realm that allowed me to access connection and healing. I was reassured that healing is much grander than just physical recovery. This was my call to my life’s adventure and in the process becoming a healer and medicine woman.

“Moving to Australia was my sliding door moment in my life – a rebirth involving facing the deepest of my depths and greatest potentials, way beyond the imagination of a Swiss dairy farmer’s daughter”.

Leaving the Cocoon

On the other side of the world, I ended my relationship with the only person I knew in this sacred land. All familiar landmarks had been removed and a momentous personal journey began of meeting ‘me’ for the first time, stepping in and up, trusting myself and having my back.

My background led me to work in a renowned private hospital in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and simultaneously I studied a Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology at the College of Complementary Medicine and the Diploma in Shamanism and Traditional Healing with Vicki Dean. I began my journey of Vision Quests and learning about healing plants.

“My guidance was very clear – I won’t continue working with the human body but the soul and fabric of life itself”.

In 2013 I graduated and founded SoulBlossom with the desire to offer a holistic choice to the mental health care system – an inclusive service that can assist you in returning to your beauty.

In 2015 I became the guardian of SoulSpace, a holistic health hub in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, which has become the home of many other practitioners. In collaboration with Kylie Bernoth from Odonata Wellbeing, we offered the first international adventure to Peru for a deep healing immersion in 2016.

Inspired and informed by this journey, in 2017 I returned to my roots and founded Schamanische-Heilkraft.ch in collaboration with terrafloris.ch, where I am offering workshops, talks and One-on-One sessions every year.

With love,

Acknowledging my Teachers

Regula Zwicky, Founder of TerraFloris Switzerland, my first teacher and guide at the age of 25.

Vicki Dean, the creator of the Diploma in Shamanism and Traditional Healing, who offered me to apprentice in her work for the past 7 years.

Rob Young, Vision Quest Facilitator in SA, with whom I have apprenticed since 2014.

Jorge Flores les Grandes, traditional medicine man and trickster from the Peruvian jungle. My friend and guide since 2015.

My very trusted and loyal friend, Milan, my dog, who has been on this journey with me since 2004.

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